Wedding & Event Calculator

Use this convenient calculator to determine how much wine, beer and spirits you’ll need to entertain your guests at your next event! For weddings and celebrations, plan on serving one glass of Champagne/Sparkling wine to each adult guest for the toast. Remember, the type of event, time of year and menu being served may affect your drink percentages & mix.

At most wedding receptions and events, alcohol consumption averages out to be one drink per person per hour of the event. Consider the people you are inviting and decide what percentage of your people drink wine, beer and spirits (bourbon, vodka, whiskey etc) and then assign a percentage to each category that will equal 100% of the total alcohol.

For example: If you have more beer drinkers than wine and spirits then you would assign a higher percentage to the beer drinkers ie: 50% Beer, 30% wine and 20% spirits – which would equal 100% and the totals at the bottom tell you how many bottles of each you have to buy.

Please remember that the estimates provided are not exact. Based on experience with all types of events, this is what tends to be needed but it’s not an exact science.

After working a great deal of events over the years we’ve seen crowds clear out the alcohol while others have plenty to bring home. You will have to determine if your guests like red wine or white wine, whiskey sours or Tom Collins, and craft beer or traditional brews.

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